Early Garden Thoughts

So it’s officially March and even though it looks like this outside


I think it’s finally ok to start dreaming about next year’s garden. Last year was my first garden season, and I started with a virtually no-fail plant: tomatoes. Although, if I’m going to be honest, a couple of years ago I bought a tomato plant, and I learned the hard way that “full sun” is a requirement – not a suggestion.

So I stepped up my game and acquired a community garden plot pretty close to my apartment. I remember walking out of Home Depot one day that summer, hoping to get at least one tomato from my four plants. Well, before I knew it, I had accumulated and consumed 14 pounds of itsy bitsy cherry tomatoes! Leave it to tomatoes to give the ol’ green thumb confidence booster!

This year, I’m feeling adventurous. I spent the weekend reading up on different vegetable plants and I’ve narrowed down my list to these delicious hopefuls.

Tomatoes. Duh.

Beets. Apparently they grow well in containers, and I do have a few that I can put on my little balcony outside my apartment.

Basil. Grows easily on my balcony, and it’s the best smell ever.

Cilantro. Because it’s annoying to have to buy an overwhelming amount at the grocery store and have over half of it go bad before you use it all.

Garlic. This will be my fall crop, an investment for next year!

Onion. Like tomatoes last year, I would be way too excited if I get to eat an onion from my own garden.

Parsley. Same as cilantro. Why buy it when you can always have it handy?

Bell pepper. Didn’t get any bells last year; I’m going to try these in a container to see if I get some sweet goodness.

Rosemary. Smells real nice.

Scallions. These grow relatively fast (8 weeks from sow to harvest), so I can scatter them in the nooks and crannies of the plot.

Shallot. I’ve never bought a shallot because I’ve always had onion on hand to substitute.

Blueberries. A sweet fruit to try, just for fun.

Mushroom Gyros

IMG_2369IMG_2357_with text

I know what you’re thinking…where’s the lamb?! It’s probably a rule somewhere that vegetarians shouldn’t mess with classic meat-filled recipes. But when I created this one, it was just too easy and too delicious to keep to myself!

Don’t let the ingredients in this recipe intimidate you either. … 

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Baked Sweet Potato Mash

Baked Mashed Sweet Potatoes // Lettuce Have Lettuce

When thinking of sweet potatoes, most people envision those gooey marshmallow and brown sugar drown sweet potato recipes that show up every thanksgiving. This vegetable dish imposture seems to appeal to most veggie hating kids (probably because it is hardly recognizable as a vegetable and tastes more like candy than anything else) except me.  I was always a starchy, white potato kind of kid. I hated sweet potatoes. But I can now honestly say that I’ve seen the light! (vitamin A pun not intended…food geek humor).  I can’t even remember the last time I ate a boring, regular old potato.


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Become a Better Cook in 2015


I get so excited in January because everyone is so ready to get healthy! The positive vibes are unavoidable!! While we all start out ambitious and motivated, it’s easy to forget to break down hefty goals into bite-size pieces. A fun, bite-size chunk could be to resolve to become a better cook in 2015. Cooking is at the heart of any healthy eating plan. … 

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On the Hunt for Truly “Whole” Grains

On the Hunt for Truly "Whole" Grains
The term “whole grain” has climbed the ranks of nutrition buzzword.  Food companies have begun slapping “made with whole grains” onto any product they can.  The result: even more consumer confusion.  Learning the rules of the grain game can be a challenge.  BUT, knowing the key players will help you debunk food company claims and enable you to make your own healthful decisions.  So let’s grind it down to the nitty-gritty details…


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Healthy holiday eating can be sweet

Healthy holiday eating can be sweet // Lettuce Have Lettuce

People go into a baking frenzy around the holidays, whipping up enormous amounts of their favorite sweets to give to friends and family. It’s a wonderful gesture of giving and a fun activity to do with others. My family has always made at least 5 of our family favorite cookie recipes to share with others for Christmas.  Healthy holiday eating isn’t even a thought while we’re grabbing pounds of butter and sugar off store shelves to begin our carefully orchestrated baking extravaganza.


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Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Apricots


Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Apricot // Lettuce Have Lettuce

This dark chocolate covered dried fruit recipe is full of antioxidants and fiber


I usually have a sweet craving right after I’m finished eating dinner, I don’t know why. I try to not give in but I usually end up snacking on something sweet. My latest go-to food has been dried fruit. … 

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Afternoon Snack Attack

You’re sitting at your desk and glance at the clock. You see it’s almost 3pm. Your eyelids begin to shut and mind begins to wander. Only when your stomach lets out a huge groooaaannn do you snap back to reality. You consider pouring yourself another cup of coffee, but after 4 cups this morning, it doesn’t even sound good any more…


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Make a Plan for Weight Control This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has a reputation for being a day of endless gluttony and overindulgence. While it is ok to splurge, keeping food choices in check can help prevent weight gain after the holiday season. If you’re looking for balance between celebration and weight control this Thanksgiving holiday, consider these tips for making a plan to stay healthy and happy…. 

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