Afternoon Snack Attack

You’re sitting at your desk and glance at the clock. You see it’s almost 3pm. Your eyelids begin to shut and mind begins to wander. Only when your stomach lets out a huge groooaaannn do you snap back to reality. You consider pouring yourself another cup of coffee, but after 4 cups this morning, it doesn’t even sound good any more…


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Make a Plan for Weight Control This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has a reputation for being a day of endless gluttony and overindulgence. While it is ok to splurge, keeping food choices in check can help prevent weight gain after the holiday season. If you’re looking for balance between celebration and weight control this Thanksgiving holiday, consider these tips for making a plan to stay healthy and happy…. 

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Warm Bread Salad with Eggplant & Sweet Potato


Thanksgiving vibes are upon us!! In honor of the season of giving thanks, I have a beautiful recipe that would be perfect sitting right next to the big ol’ turkey at the Thanksgiving table.  Think of this bread salad as a twist on stuffing. While I wouldn’t recommend stuffing it inside a turkey, it makes for a well-rounded side dish.  The honey makes it sweet, and the red onions are a MUST for a tangy, irresistible contrast.

This recipe can easily be prepared the day before. In fact, I’d recommend it because if you’re like my family, you’re going to need all the oven space… 

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WHOLEsome granola bars

Your new favorite healthy granola bar recipe

Finding a good, healthy granola bar recipe online is difficult.  I’ve made many “granola bars” over the years.  Although they were tasty, they weren’t quite what I was envisioning.  I wanted something that was hardy enough to eat after a good run, yet sweet and flavorful enough to eat as a late night snack.  I wanted a granola bar that was bursting with fruity, nutty goodness. … 

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